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Revenge of the Ancients Part 1

Revenge of the Ancients

By Christopher Gourgouras

1000 A.D. – England

It was a normal day, like every other day in Damien’s life. He woke up, tended the farm, got drunk and passed out to wake up the next day. When he woke up, he noticed something different. The sky was still black but it was bright outside. Damien could see flames in the distance and a scout was riding towards his farm.

“I am a messenger from the Royal Army, you are ordered to report to the city at once for further orders. You will be supplied with a week’s worth of food and a mount when you reach the main road. That is all; failure to follow orders will result in death on charges of treason.”

Damien followed the path to the main road, he wasn’t ready to die yet, and he was getting married in the fall and wanted a family to continue his farm after he died. When he got there all he smelled were dead bodies and the smoke was heavier here. The first thing he saw was the scout who had just visited his farm hanging from a tree, the banner of King George II was in flames and the messengers horse was laying on the ground with its guts spilling out. Damien didn’t have a chance to think; he ran down the road and tripped over a tree stump. At least he thought it was a tree stump, he looked and saw that he had just tripped over the corpse of a man-at-arms wearing the coat of arms of the areas ruling noble.

What followed was a sight Damien had never seen in his life, there was a huge pile of burning bodies and a strange metal object was in a nearby field. The entire royal army was destroyed and the local militias had been thrown into a route but were being cut down by flashes of light. Soon a humanoid figure emerged from the entrance of the metal object; he began searching through the dead for the person he had come to find. The only person he did not find was the one Human he came to find. The prophecies had told of an immortal one who would emerge in the year 1000 (Earth Years). He could not sense the aura of an immortal and his fleets that had attacked other areas also came up with nothing.

Damien had barely managed an escape. After seeing the burning corpses he ran faster than he had ever ran in his life, towards the fields he had called his home his entire life. An explosion went off near him and knocked him off his feet, the blast left a crater in the found revealing an ancient artifact in the shape of a circular metallic object with alien ruins carved into it. The ship assumed he was dead and took off, a few weeks later Damien was found in the field by the human remnant forces, half alive and holding the object. He was assumed to be not worth medical attention because he was thought to be ready to die in a day. He would outlive everyone currently on Earth.

Year 3000 – Tdonian Era

The invasion of earth was a complete failure. The empires prophets had been off by over 2000 years and Uritale was sure to be punished for not ensuring the destiny of that the Tdonian Empire would remain the rulers of the universe for eternity. He had traveled billions of miles and had accomplished nothing but the slaughter of worthless peasants. Only one thing was certain, Uritale would return to this barbaric planet in the year 5000.

“The High court has spoken; Uritale will be sentenced to 2000 years in suspended animation, to be woken up again when needed in the final invasion of Earth. The guards will escort him to his cryo cell immediately for confinement.” The guards immediately appeared from the metal door and took Uritale away; the Empire would be peaceful again for 2000 years.

3000 A.D. – Earth

“Sir, alarms have been sounding all over the planet for days now. We still have not found the cause of this and our radars are going crazy. Requesting orders, sir.”

“You have orders to remain at your post, If you are attacked stand and fight. Die in the name of the company and for honor.” The Earth has been like this for 500 years. Ever since the company had committed genocides and led bloody coups all over the earth and taken over the planet.

The generals of the old world armies had been executed and replaced with executives who didn’t know anything about leading an army into war because Armies were no longer needed for anything but police work. The world had changed a lot since Damien had found an object in England 2000 years ago left behind by the mysterious invaders who had slaughtered his country and all his friends. This object had extended his life capacity by thousands of years and he had to go into hiding every 80 years so people wouldn’t suspect something. He had never gotten married; his fiancé had died in the invasion.

Suddenly all the radars had shut down. Damien checked the computer to find a problem but that suddenly went out as well. The earth went dark in a half hour. There were explosions in the sky as suddenly Satellites were destroyed and figures appeared in the sky. The invading force from 2000 years ago had returned.

Uritale got out of his ship and looked around. The barbaric planet had changed a lot, it had advanced to become almost a challenge to the empire, which had not advanced at all in the 2000 years since he had had been Imprisoned. A siren sounded and military units surrounded Uritale’s armada of 20 ships which had landed in a military air field. “I am searching for the Immortal who has been predicted by the prophets. If he is allowed to live the empire will be forced to destroy your planet. We have been informed that his name is Damien. Shots fired from the group of soldiers and Uritale was killed, the war had begun.

The armada proceeded to return to orbit, the Earth was bombarded for 30 days before they landed again. Almost the entire population of earth had been killed but Damien was still alive. They could sense it.

Damien was the only living creature left on earth that had been born there. He knew that his time was short but didn’t know what his fate would be. He was hiding in an old WWIV fallout shelter, Empire troops were everywhere. One began to enter the shelter and Damien pulled out an ak-47. Of all weapons that had been invented on Earth in the past millennium, the Kalashnikov assault rifle was the only weapon that had not changed at all. He pulled the trigger but it didn’t shoot, he had forgotten to take ammo with him. The soldier walked towards him and spoke into a radio on his wrist in an alien tongue “I have found the target, he will be executed and the device will be returned. Five seconds later a shot rang out and Damien was dead. The empire was finally successful in its quest for domination of the universe.

Year 5001 – Tdonian Era

Uritale was back on the capitol planet of the emperor. The device that had allowed the emperor to continue rule for millions of years was back in the hands of the empire. The prophecy had turned out to be true; the strike had unearthed the relic that had been buried on earth when it was created by the Ancient Guardian. The guardian knew that the relic was too powerful to be held by any creature in the universe and would destroy any race that touched the object. The emperor was willing to take this risk.

It was now 5002, the emperor was growing old and although he now had the artifact his life was still declining. He had already lived for 8,000 years and had survived through the old kingdom whose tyrants had destroyed the planets outer crust in search of immortality. He now has the knowledge that they had been searching for something that was not on the planet and the prophets had pointed him in the direction. The riddle that followed the prophecy was not understood at the time but now the emperor knew that no one should ever use the artifacts powers, he didn’t.

“He who uses the ancient stone to control the universe will cause doomsday to begin” – Planituro, Tdonian Prophet

Year 5002 – Tdonian Era

The emperor was dead. The peace that had held the empire together for 5000 years had gone with him. A civil war was beginning between the forces of the emperor’s son and the forces of Uritale, who knew that if he could gain the artifact he would rule the universe. He was willing to die for this because he could live no longer with the knowledge that the artifact know only to him and his loyal fleet (the formal Imperial Guard of the emperor) was in his reach.

Rays powerful enough to destroy planets were launched from orbit. The outer barrier of the empire was in rubbles and the first line of attack from unknown sectors of the Universe with suns so far apart that it wasn’t even known if there was any universe left were gone. The great prophet Planituro had killed himself on the day the emperor died, warning that a civil war would cause an apocalypse on every know world. Uritale didn’t care about this. He was so close to victory that he forgot that was fighting the man he was sworn to protect, it would all be over in a day anyways. The guardian had awoken.

Year 5004 – Tdonian Era

The victory celebrations had gone on through the night. Uritale didn’t notice the figure forming in the sky above his capitol planet but it was there. Overnight an attack force of over 1000 capitol ships from the guardian fleet began to descend on the empire, 100 to all the major planets than spreading out to the other worlds. The figure forming over the capitol was different though. It was not a ship; it was a solar entity, awoken from millions of years of sleep. The human Damien, who had unknowingly become the guardian of the artifact while it was on earth, had done his job well. By activating the artifact out of curiosity he had warned the guardian of the battle to come.

In the first seconds of attack the Guardian created a supernova more powerful than any before it, wiping out everything in a 1 billion mile radius. Then he commanded his fleets to commence the final attack, as this happened a fleet appeared out of a wormhole. The fleet proceeded to contact the guardian fleet. “This is scouting division one of the dark fleet. Lay down your weapons now or face certain death. If you attempt to open fire you will be eliminated, ending transmission.”

The guardian laughed and ordered the elimination of the scouts. In seconds the fight began, one scout took out 10 capitol ships before a suicide charge at a group of ships, when his core overloaded the powerful blast took out 5 ships. This same chain of events happened in the entire section of the universe, the guardian thought it was impossible for any fleet to reach his sector but he was wrong.

The scouts died with honor so the others could escape and contact the Dark fleet. As soon as the scouts disappeared into the depths of space another fleet appeared. The Massive dark fleet was more powerful than any other in the universe. It was not commanded by a mortal life form but an immortal entity more powerful than the Guardian. The true apocalypse was about to begin.

The fleet was not interested in conquest, it fought to harvest the souls of planets so they could than harvest the core of the planet, which provided a power source that would last the fleet millions of years. The souls were eaten by the plague god in return for extended life of the crews of the fleet. Basically they were slaves to the plague god.

After a year of fighting the dark fleet had made it to the lair of the Guardian. The fleet began bombarding the massive beast and it lashed out at the nearest ship. The ship’s hull immediately deteriorated but the Guardian knew his time was short. Gathering all his powers, he fired one final nova beam and wiped out the entire fleet. With the remains of his power gone, he died within minutes. The Tdonian prophecy had come true, doomsday had been carried out. Not only was the empire wiped out, the Guardian of the universe had also been slain and the forces of the plague god were dead. The universe was empty again. For now…

Soon evolution would begin again. The new races would rise to power than fall for the next billion years before the plague god took another host but the next time he would be victorious. Until then, he went back into a billion year slumber and prepared for the war to come. The Universe was once again quiet.

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