Friday, December 5, 2008

untitled story I wrote for a class

The flashing police lights slowly drifted away. The ambulances stayed for a while so the victims could be identified but they also had to leave without the final body. This body was the body of John Nitio, the senior at Black Ridge High School who tortured and executed six of the schools most promising athletes before taking his own life in a satanic ritual. His body was found shortly after the findings of the six mutilated athletes. What had brought John, a quiet student with good grades, to do such disgusting crimes?

October 7, 1983

John didn’t want to get out of bed. He knew that he would end up getting beat up again today like every day for the last 4 years of high school. He was an easy target for the Black Ridge gang, six strong athletes who were respectful while among adults but when alone they beat up smaller students and forced the students with brains to do work for them. He had to go to school though, he had a test today and if he did not take this test he would lose five points off his final grade and wouldn’t get into a top school. Maybe today would be better; it was almost a weekend maybe the teams would skip today. John got out of bed.

He walked into school and was immediately confronted by the leader of the Black Ridge Gang, Steve. John took out any money he had on him and handed it over. He was than thrown onto the ground and kicked a few times before being allowed to leave. John went to class and got his test than went to the library, his only sanctuary the bullies would never go into. Halfway through the exam three members of the gang walked in and took his test from him, one ripped it in half and the other pulled out a lighter and burned it. John had received his first F since the beginning of high school.

He ran out of the side doors of the school and ran into the woods. For the sixth time this year John would attempt suicide but this time he would be successful. He pulled the rope out of his backpack and tied it around a sturdy branch on a tree. He looped it around his neck and stood on a log that he than kicked out from underneath himself. He drifted there for six hours before being found. John was finally dead and at peace.

At the fourth hour of hanging, John had seen a vision. A man in a black robe came to him and offered him a chance at revenge in exchange for his soul. He would be given seven days to live, the strength of five men to carry out the tasks and on the seventh day the bodies would be discovered and he would die a painful death. He would be rewarded with the death he had been waiting for and he would not go alone. John accepted the offer.

“The body of your son has disappeared from the hospital morgue early this morning, we are very sorry but we don’t know what happened to it.” John’s mother cried and left the hospital. The Hospital had never seen a dead body disappear before and only could assume that either he was still alive or he had been misplaced.

October 8, 1983

John had a plan. He sent out an invitation for a party in the woods outside the school to the six members of the Black Ridge Gang. They would all arrive and they would all die. The party was set for October 13. He spent the next five days preparing for the arrival. He had invited others as well so they would not expect anything.

On the night of the party everyone arrived. John spotted his first victim, the lowest ranking member of the gang and lured him away from the crowd. As soon as he made it away from everyone John knocked him out and hung him from the same tree he had originally died on. John than found the next member up and took him to the lake, tied him up and threw him in the middle of the lake from a canoe. He worked his way up until he had killed all except Steve. He would be the one who had to suffer; everything was his fault in the first place. They had been friends in Junior High than Steve grew angry at John because he was remained a top student while Steve began to fail classes. They were separated as John got placed in honors classes and Steve into foundations. He had decided that he would punish John for abandoning him until he graduated.

The party ended and everyone was going home. Steve got into his car and began to drive home, he heard a voice begin to speak to him but he could not see anyone. His car than broke down and he got out to fix it when something hit the back of his head. When he woke up he was hanging upside down from his ankles and was surrounded in knives, one bad move and he would get cut into pieces. John appeared in front of him and raised a gun towards Steve’s head. “You can die quick or you can get cut up to the point were no one will recognize you. All you have to do is say that you are sorry, we used to be friends but now I have no choice. I have made up my mind.” “I am not sorry for anything.” John pulled the trigger; he could not stand to watch his former friend suffer even if he was not sorry.

October 14, 1983

John wanted to die more than ever. He hated the fact that he had killed and was sorry. He was not in control of himself that night until the end when he showed mercy to his former friend. His revenge was complete and he knew that in a few hours he would start to feel death for the final time. He wanted it to be over with.

Three hours later John had to go to the bathroom so he left class and walked in. While he was washing his hands his chest started to bleed and he felt a sharp pain all over his body. The mark in his chest lit on fire and a pentagram burned into his chest. His soul was ripped out of his body and his final scream was cut short by death. He had died while feeling the guilt of what had happened, he wished that he could go back and fix everything. He should not have accepted the revenge offer because the revenge that he was forced to carry out wasn’t the revenge he had in mind. He was forced into this and now he was being forced to die. He didn’t want to die anymore.

John woke up and looked at the date on his clock. October 6, 1983. He had been dreaming. He also knew what he had to do now. He went to Steve that day at school and apologized for forgetting about him and promised to help him with his work. They were friends again and he was no longer being bullied by the Black Hill Gang. John was happy for the first time in four years.

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